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The martyr Dr. Mishhan Hardan Al-Dulaimi (human, educator and critic) A new book issued by the college of...

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Updated   29/08/2017 10:55 AM

The martyr Dr. Mishhan Hardan Al-Dulaimy (human, educator and critic) A new book issued by the college of Education for Human Sciences

Assistant Professor Dr. Maki Nouman Mazloom  Al Dulaimy, Professor of Arabic Language at the College of Education for Human Sciences, issued a book entitled Martyr Dr. Mishhan Hardan Al-Dulaimy (man, educator and critic). The book comes in 238 pages. It is a book that reminds me of the words of thinkers, writers and scholars.

The book, which coincided with the 11th anniversary of the martyrdom of Dr. Mishhan Hardan Al-Dulaimy and his wife, Dr. Mays Ghanim Mahmood, contributed to the best selection of students from the University of Diyala and beyond, ranging from critical research, poetry, story, memorabilia, The book has expressed sincere and warm feelings, recalling the deceased person and his subjects, who left noble and dignified impressions. In him And their memory.

The creative texts were characterized by a deep and comprehensive dialogue language, which was conducted by the innovators with the deceased person and with his pure spirit. They questioned their rich memory, which preserved the exploits, wishes, attitudes and ideas. It seems that the martyr was born again through these texts, They recall that heinous crime committed by a stray and perverted terrorist gang that extinguishes a light that illuminates the dark darkness, exposes them, and reveals their hideous faces.

The book contains certificates of dozens of teachers, writers, poets, writers and minors from the creators who accompanied the deceased martyr Dr. Mishan Hardan al-Dulaimy, it seems that the deceased was born from the memory of lovers, and the birth of their blessed words, and without dating the biography of a scientist and a man rarely serious as a science and thought and ethics, And was an opportunity to see those who did not contemplate on his qualities, his qualities, his positions and his knowledge. These writings painted a true image of the happy martyr.

The fourth book contains five appendices, the first and the second written by the martyr in the periodical of Literary Spaces, and the third appendix (Mohyi Al deen Zangana) - a light point on the process of isolation and attendance. The fourth appendix is ​​proposed to compose the Encyclopedia of the Poets of Iraq in the 20th century. Previously, the fifth appendix included selected pictures of the biography of the martyr and his martyred wife.


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